Officers of the Fashion Group - 1936


Officers of The Fashion Group             


Photo of Dorothy Shaver


Born in Arkansas in 1893, Dorothy Shaver studied to be a school teacher while her younger sister started a successful line of handmade dolls that Shaver ran the business side of. The sisters eventually moved to New York. In 1917, an executive from Lord and Taylor gave the pair a brand deal to manufacture their dolls for 4 years. Shaver, in 1921, was then hired as head of comparison at the Manhattan store. Six years later, she was elected to the company’s board of directors,  becoming Vice President in 1931 and 1st Vice President in 1937. In 1945, she succeeded Walter Hoying as president of Lord & Taylor, thus becoming the first American women to head a multimillion-dollar firm, receiving the highest salary of any women at that time as well. Most notably, in the 1930’s, Ms. Shaver created The American Look, an program promoting American designers including Clare Potter, Nettie Rosenstein and Lilly Dache. Lord & Taylor prospered under her innovative leadership and she remained at the helm until her death in 1959. Dorothy Shaver, a founding Fashion Group member is pictured as Chairman of the FGI Board of Governors in 1936.